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Hurray! We turn 25 years!

It all started in a studio in Chalmers, Gothenburg with the business idea being to build computers, but soon it also included distribution. The growth in the first years was fast and already 4 years after the start, the founder and MD Daniel Johnsson was awarded the prize as the Gazelle company of the year - for the company's fantastic growth. Other companies in both IT and AV were acquired and became part of an ever-wider range. Later, Entertainment products, such as books, movies and toys, were added to the range. However, the core business of building awesome computers remained and is still a pride today! In 2015, CapTech was acquired by DCC plc and become part of Exertis, one of the world's largest distributors of IT. Shortly afterwards, we opened offices in Norway, Finland and Denmark - we are now Nordic and part of a global business. In 2018, we built a completely new and modern Nordic distribution center in Mölndal, Sweden

1996 Startup: Chalmers -----► 1996 Stenklevsgatan -----► 1997 Hulda Lindgrens gata -----► 2001 Datavägen -----► 2011 Ekonomivägen -----► 2015 Open in Norway -----►

2017 Open in Finland -----► 2018 Aminogatan -----► 2018 Open in Denmark -----► 2020 WENT warehouse in Kungsbacka

For you as a Supplier

We help you reach your customers in a smart and efficient way. Take the opportunity to be a part of our festivities during the year and meet all the happy party participants in our large Nordic network. Contact us at marknad@exertis.se and we will tell you how you can make an offer in our channels that reaches potential customers and creates added value for everyone.

For you as a Reseller

We are there for you and your business and we always work towards to create great business and collaborations together. For 25 years, it has been important for us to constantly develop in order to be able to offer our partners the latest products, the best service and that little extra in the form of training and specially designed solutions for your particular company. This year we will continue to present new products for the new way of working, from home and the new office, and to offer you more chances for further development – we do it to make your business to flourish! Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on what's happening with us.

For you who are just curious

We at Exertis have 25 years of combined and cumulative knowledge in various industries and experience of service to share.. We are happy to offer you our expertise and listen just as curiously to what you have to share. We organize ongoing trainings, mingles and opportunities to share knowledge for our partners and the public to take part in. Follow us on our social media to keep updated on what is happening and what we can contribute to your development. Hope to see you and talk to you soon, both digitally and in real life!   


Our yearly Events

Every year we arrange a number of different events for our suppliers, partners and resellers. We love to invite you to our arenas to create great business, to share knowledge, to meet and mingle, and to relax with a nice dinner and some entertainment together. Click below to read more about our different events and keep an eye out for the next invitation.

Join us to compete and win!

► Send in a picture of your best memory with us, during the years 1996-2021 and win! It can be your favorite product that you sold or bought from us, the best EXPO you visited or the most fun meeting you have been to. Email marknad@exertis.se and mark your contribution with "Best memory"

► Nominate your top Exertis person and win a nice lunch with him or her! Who is your safety net during a work day and who have you had the most fun with in meetings over the years? Send your nomination to marknad@exertis.se and mark you email with “Top person”

► Tag us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram with #exertisnordics25 when you make a post where on how we have been a part of your everyday life. We will among the participants draw some really nice prizes!


Best of Exertis

Become nostalgic with the best songs of the last 25 years according to employees at Exertis Nordic. Click on the link below and enjoy popular songs from the lifetime of Exertis!


From drawing to reality

See a short video below of how our head office on Aminogatan came to life


Stay tuned!

The page will be updated continuously with more fun flashbacks!

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