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Exertis EXPO November 11 2021

After two years of waiting, we can finally see the bright light at the end of the tunnel! We hope that you have recharged your batteries and are ready to meet for the first EXPO of the decade. On November 11, we open the doors to Eriksbergshallen and invite you all to a dazzling experience in all the colors of the world - This year's EXPO theme 2021 is COLOUR!

What is Exertis EXPO?

At Exertis EXPO you will find products from all categories within IT and Pro AV. PCs, components and accessories, large monitors, monitors, projectors, Digital Signage, security and storage services, Smart Homes, and news from our fast-growing area of Education. Here we offer for example devices such as Chromebooks and PCs, physical protection and cases for the devices, as well as lots of educational products that make technology in school exciting and fun. There is something for everyone at Exertis EXPO, whether you work in the private or public sector, with small, medium or large companies. You will find everything you are looking for with us!

COVID-19 Your safety - our focus

Together with our partner Eriksbergshallen we will do our utmost to ensure that our EXPO and the exhibition facility is a clean and safe meeting place for meeting and doing business. Your health and well-being is our highest priority. Eriksbergshallen has raised their already high demands on hygiene and developed new health and safety routines to meet the challenges in social meetings that Covid-19 entails. Together we want you to feel safe when you visit our Exertis EXPO 2021 and Eriksbergshallen.


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PC:s are playing an increasingly central role in our lives. Hybrid work environments create challenges, IT security is becoming an increasing focus and productivity is on all agendas. To meet these challenges, Microsoft is launching a new Windows 11 Pro. In 45 minutes, we will take a closer look at the changes that have taken place in the workplace, and how this has led to the development of Windows 11. We will address the commercial challenges SMB faces, how we create more secure IT environments and comply with requirements and regulations and what benefits customers will benefit from in the new Windows 11. Sebastian Lennartsson is Nordic education manager for the SMB segment at Microsoft. With a broad background as a harbor master, sales consultant and actor, he today works wholeheartedly with IT and to train resellers how Microsoft creates better, more secure and more productive solutions. Please note that this seminar will be held in Swedish.


Discover Exertis Enterprise

Lecturer: Mikael Hultén, Datacenter Evangelist, Exertis Enterprise

Navigating the jungle of manufacturers and services is becoming increasingly complex and time consuming. It takes time away from companies' core business and often tends to be reactive instead of proactive. With many years of experience and a wide network of contacts with manufacturers, Exertis Enterprise wants to act as a resource, to help your company find the right products, prices and relationships for a successful business. Exertis is now making a major investment in the Enterprise segment in the Nordic region and with this seminar wants to show the strengths and opportunities to work with us as a value-adding distributor. Exertis Enterprise launches the new concept DISCOVERY, which will be a series of events focusing on different manufacturers, products, people who talk about a topic or inspires. It will take place both live and as webinars, in January the first event will be arranged. Mikael Hultén will with his broad background and in an inspiring way explain the benefits of working with Exertis Enterprise and how we together create even better customer experiences.

Areas at the EXPO


Exertis is one of the largest Nordic distributors in IT and has a wide range of computers, computer components, monitors, servers, networks, services, accessories, etc. for both the B2C and B2B markets. We also have PC production and an inhouse configuration center where we constantly develop our range based on our customers' demand and needs. In the Education business area, we continue to grow with, among other things, a strong focus on inspiring and digital teaching materials for schools and preschools. Another of our focus areas is the concept "Smart homes" with remote control of for example sound, light and screens in the home. Smart homes, just like other robot aids, VR and AI, will be a given part of our everyday lives in the future.


Pro AV is an ever-growing area where we at Exertis are a leader in Sweden. It includes products for example meeting rooms, training and digital signage with products such as large format screen, projectors, LED, sound, signal distribution and video communication from the market's leading manufacturers. We have cutting-edge expertise in all areas and help you all the way. With us, you can feel confident in always getting the latest products and the best service. products for digital signage, large format screens, projectors, conference, education, etc. We display the entire offer of expertise in all areas.


The most colorful day of the year does not end when the exhibition hall closes down, we then invite the EXPO participants to the After EXPO! Under safe conditions and with your safety in focus we will then let all the impressions and meetings of the day be topped off with good food, refreshing drinks, high-class entertainment and even more mingling. After a strange and trying time, we are all ready to end a fantastic fair day with a magnificent party! On November 11, the celebration of our 25 years in the industry will culminate - do not miss it! The party has already kicked off online and in our social media. Follow us there to take part in everything that happens and has happened in wonderful memory parades and new happenings!

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